Workplace CSA Pick-up Sites FAQs

Get your CSA share delivered to you at work! The Farm delivers CSA shares directly to work places in the Madison area. If you think CSA is right for your workplace, we would be happy to consider your business as a CSA pick up site. 

The Space Needed in Your Building

The space used to set the shares can be a hallway, cafeteria or other general space inside the building.  If located outside, the space must be well protected from sun, wind and rain. The shares are delivered in plastic containers, stacked 4 high. The footprint of each container is 9"x 14". Stacking them against a wall works well. The room/space should be close to the door we use when delivering; we prefer not to wind down hallways or go up elevators.

You provide a table for us to set the check off sheets and information.

The veggies are removed from the containers and the empty containers stay at your facility until the following week when we deliver more shares. They nest inside each other and take up very little space when empty.   


Easy Access for Our Delivery

Our 16’ box truck or 16’ trailer will need to park conveniently near the door where we will be entering with the shares.  The delivery process takes about 20 minutes.

The entry door needs to accommodate our hand truck.  It will need to stay open or be propped open while we are delivering.  Any big bumps, narrow doors or thresholds are a challenge. 

Site Coordinator Responsibilities

One person will need to take responsibility for the site.  This person will:

  • Be the person with whom we communicate
  • Write an introduction letter to be sent to members and posted on our website
  • Email communication to members
  • Set up the table and have the space clean each week
  • Clean up the area at end of the night
  • Contact anyone who forgot to pick up their share
  • Manage any leftover shares

Number of Shares at the Site

We prefer at least 20 shares but will consider each workplace individually.

Please contact us with questions about our Workplace CSA program.  We will work with you to determine if your business is a good fit to be a CSA pick up site.

608-767-3860   or