Share Pick-Up is THURSDAY from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM *

  • SITE HOST CONTACT LIST. If you cannot be to your site by 7:00 (or the time designated by your specific site), please contact the site host (not the farm) and let them know when to expect you.
  • Site hosts will give you specific guidelines regarding their site. Please respect their requests. We thank all of our site hosts for their generosity of time and space.
  • If you do not pick up your produce or call the site, your produce will be donated.
  • If you are unable to pick up your food (i.e. you are on vacation), a friend or neighbor is welcome to pick it up instead; but you must give them clear directions regarding what shares (vegetable/fruit) to take!

*Business pick-up sites may have different designated pick up times, you will receive information from the site coordinator.

Here is the routine at your pickup site:

1. Weekly Shares and Bi-Weekly Shares are packed into white plastic containers. The contents of the Weekly Share and Bi-Weekly Share is the same; the containers are not labeled.  Large Shares are packed into black plastic containers and labeled “Large Share”.

2. Plastic containers and lids DO NOT go home with you.

3. Empty the contents of the container into a bag that you have brought with you; extra bags will be at the site if you forget to bring one (sites can always use donations of full sized, neatly folded paper bags).

4. Neatly stack the containers and lids in the designated area at your site (site hosts greatly appreciate this).

5. Cross off your name on the check-off sheet each time you pick up your share.  One last name is listed for each share.

Share Splitters: If you are splitting your share with another household, and plan to divide the share at the site, please remove all produce from the plastic container and put the remaining produce into a bag clearly marked so it can be identified and set it away from the full plastic containers. Please plan and coordinate with your share splitting partner.

Farm News: Each week we post farm news, pictures and information. We provide a link to the Farm News post when we send the weekly share reminder on Thursday morning.  You can always go to our web site and click on Farm News.

This Week’s Harvest: Each week there will be a piece of paper in your share container titled “This Week’s Harvest” discussing the produce in your share. Each Monday, on our This Week’s Harvest page on our website, we will post a “Best Guess” list of vegetables you can expect to receive in your share on Thursday.

Asparagus to Zucchini and Farm Fresh and Fast: If you have already paid for either of these books, we will deliver them along with your first Share. If you would like a copy of either of these fabulous cookbooks, send us a check for $15 (Asparagus to Zucchini) or $18 (Farm Fresh and Fast) and we will bring it to your site.

Member vacation policy

 You have three options when you go on vacation:

  • You can have a friend pick up your share for you. Please give clear instructions so your friend knows exactly what to do. 
  • You can donate your share. Please give us one week advance notice and we will make arrangements for your share to go to a low income family.
  • Bi-Weekly Share members: You can reschedule up to two share deliveries per season. Please give us one week advance notice.