photo: Eric Wilzbacher

Picked up my first produce from my first CSA experience. WOW.  Great system.  Easy pick up. Lovely food.  Thank you!  I am so happy with every aspect.  Glad to be one of your partners on the receiving end. - Deb Spencley

Thank you so much for your time, now and year round.  What you do at Vermont Valley is the greatest boon to our community, and we are so grateful! Thank you! - Abby Lynn Jensen

You have delivered more than delicious healthful locally grown food. In the five plus years that we have been buying and enjoying Vermont Valley shares we have experienced veg never tasted before, been encouraged with recipes never tried before,  felt healthier than ever before, and felt part of a “grow local – grow natural” movement that is improving not only our health but the “health” of the community we live in. - Wendel Chamberlin

CSA pickup is always special for the kids. We love the thrill of discovering what will be on the menu from a farm we know so well. The produce is always fresh and abundant and we really enjoy that the large seasonal variety encourages us to cook with new recipes. - Catherine Wilzbacher

We can't thank you enough for the work you do! This season is our first leap into CSA after moving here from California. We look forward to the share each week. You've introduced us to produce we'd have never chosen to explore ourselves. Even more lovely are the weekly "how-to" inserts you include with the share. There is something special about knowing that the current weather is the reason why more dirt is in the lettuce, or that the broccoli is a very specific variety. Our perception of where and how produce makes it into our home has changed and broadened. You've brought us closer to the dirt and to our source, slowing us down to think about the living plant we're eating, freezing or making into stock. Your work is so very important. We can't wait to participate in the winter storage share and then begin again when winter is through!   - Riley Wilkinson and Andrew Downin

Thinking about my farm share makes me feel a little warmer during this cold winter; thank you! Because of Vermont Valley, my teenagers think Swiss chard and kale are two of the coolest things we can bring home for dinner; never would've believed that if you'd told me a few years ago! (And they're finding new recipes and cooking it themselves--score!) Thanks for paying attention to the survey; please just send all the chard to my house. - Margaret Wilcots

Photo: Mary Hall

Vermont Valley has been a huge part of our lives for 3 years now and we absolutely love it! The quality and freshness of the produce has been outstanding.  Weekly deliveries of fresh, locally grown vegetables encourages healthy eating habits for our 3 kids. Farm visits are always exciting and positively impact our kids as they view the growing process.- Mary Hall

Yeah! Beets! We are thrilled! This is our first year. I have to say, we are happy: We are eating more veggies than I thought possible. We are wasting less because the weekly delivery reminds me to go through the fridge and use up what remains from the previous week. We are eating veggies that are grown close to home. Thank you!   - Cynthia, Scott, Glen, Reid and Tess Kuenzi

I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying our vegetable share (and how much we enjoyed the spring share).  My 17 year old daughter is at her Dad's for the month of July.  Yesterday she texted me to say how much she missed our vegetables.  You see, she has discovered just how flavorful they can be.  Mackenzie said "the lettuce out of the plastic bag isn't nearly as good as ours at home".  I think you have made a lifelong convert to local, organically grown produce.  She's very excited that I'm freezing our excess produce to enjoy this winter.  Thank you so much for delivering such high quality, delicious produce every week.  I think the only produce I've had that compares is the produce I had from my parents' garden growing up.  Can't get much fresher than walking out the door, picking a tomato and letting the juices drip down your chin while eating it in the garden.  And the blueberries in the fruit share were gorgeous this week! Lots of those are now in my freezer for the muffins Mackenzie takes to school for breakfast everyday.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  We really appreciate it! - Julie B Jones