I am truly thankful for you, our customers, who share our vision of, "Improving the Health of People, Communities and the Planet."  With your support of FruitShare, you are helping organic farmers produce fruit without toxic chemicals, which protects our soil, water, air and everyone who comes in contact with our produce.  You are supporting our FruitShare Team of young families who care deeply about our mission and taking care of you, which we do by selecting the best tasting, freshest organic fruit every week of the year to deliver to your home, workplace or as a gift to your friends and families. Also, you are helping us provide Valley Outreach and other food shelves with organic fruit to care for their families living in communities of need.

The sauces are a perfect match with our fruit and are artisan crafted by friends.  If you have multiple gifts to send, we can easily upload your addresses from a spreadsheet and create gift cards to go along with your gifts.  If you are looking for the perfect gift this holiday, we will pack and deliver it for you anywhere in the lower 48 states!
Enjoy the fruit your brain will thank you.  
Everett Myers, Founder and President of FruitShare™

 In Your Box:  All Organic Fruit Satsuma mandarins, Cara Cara oranges, Rio Star Grapefruit, Fukumoto Navels and Bears Limes

Storage and Ripening
Take your fruit out of the box right away. Store your citrus in the refrigerator.  This prevents the skin from drying out on your citrus. If you prefer to eat your citrus at room temperature, leave some out in a bowl for a pretty, festive centerpiece.

What It Takes
The Satsuma mandarins are from Rich and Mila in Orland, California. Their ranch was originally established by Rich’s grandparents in 1910, when they grew peaches and apricots. It wasn’t until 1960 that they began planting mandarins, and now they are known for providing some of the tastiest organic fruit around. Rich and Mila started making the transition to organic agriculture before “organic” was widely known - all the way back in 1978. Rich’s family started to notice the negative health effects of chemicals when several family members developed severe allergic reactions to the pesticides used on conventional farms. Rich says that the trees that are approaching 40 years old are the ones that produce the finest satsumas. Kids and adults alike love the zipper peel skin and the contrasting perfect balance of sweet and sour. They’ll disappear fast so set one aside for yourself. We should have good supplies of these for the next 2-3 weeks if you want to order extras we have several sizes of gift boxes.

The Navel and Cara Cara oranges are from Ron Lehr, Sr., who is the second generation running the farm. He is supported by third and fourth generation family members who carry on the agricultural tradition.  After departing the Midwest in the 1930s, the Lehr family began farming in Bakersfield, California.  They started by growing potatoes and now grow these juicy Navel oranges along with other citrus and vegetable.  Ron has a small crop of Cara Cara’s this year.  Since the set was light the fruit got a lot bigger.  Ron said they were juicy and sweet even though they were big, so I said let’s get them back to the Midwest for us to enjoy here.  I think you will agree they are special.

These juicy Rio Star grapefruits are some of the most popular citrus of the season. This years crop is more blemished than most years but the scarring hasn’t affected the flavor.  Dennis and Linda grew these Rio Stars on their citrus grove in Texas. Dennis purchased his father’s farm in 1984 and immediately transferred to organic production. He was instrumental in helping the USDA develop organic standards for citrus fruit. In 2002, Dennis was appointed to the National Organic Standards Board. Besides his vast amount of knowledge, Dennis simply has the best grapefruit we’ve ever tasted. My kids call them “greatfruit” and don’t understand why their friends put sugar on their grapefruit. You sure don’t need sugar to make these grapefruits taste sweet and delicious!

The Bears limes come from Helene. She consistently produces some of the top citrus year after year. Helene uses biodynamic farming technique, which is a type of farming above and beyond organic certifications. It is low-impact on the environment and produces incredible fruit. Use the Bears limes in your cooking instead of extracts or pre-made zests. We also love putting a wedge of lemon or lime in a glass of water for a refreshing zip of flavor.

Health and Wellness
Citrus is great at preventing colds and relieving symptoms from cold and allergies. The citrus in your box is not only packed with Vitamin C but also synephrine. Satsuma mandarins in fact pack a large amount of synephrine, a natural antihistamine that relieves cold and allergy symptoms. Other citrus contains synephrine too. Now not only does citrus build your defenses with vitamin C, but it also helps relieve symptoms of colds and allergies. Other articles on citrus stress the benefits of citrus peels as an antioxidant and even LDL cholesterol lowering capability. This should be just the right medicine to keep you healthy over the busy holiday season.

Our family eats all our citrus fresh.  If you have a favorite citrus recipe you would like us to share with others please send it our way.  Don’t forget about citrus peels for zesting to add more flavor to cooked meals or added to a salad dressing.