After 24 years, Vermont Valley Community Farm is retiring.  Our CSA farming experience has been everything we had hoped for; great community, great food, great times, and yes, a lot of hard work! Thanks to everyone who has made this happen; thousands of members, hundreds of worker-shares and employees, and the Perkins family. Our message forward is find a CSA farm, support them, connect to the farm, eat great local organic food, make a difference for yourself and your community; it matters.  The Perkins Family - David and Barb - Jesse, Jonnah, Paavo and Mischa - Eric and Loretta - Becky and Felix.

The farm is located in western Dane County's Driftless area, a beautiful 30 minute drive from Madison. This short drive makes it easy to come out for our events and festivals.

Growing food for the community since 1994.